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Pratt: Library Project

By tscibilia | October 1, 2009 | 0 Comment

BOOKS are what a library is primarily designed to house, this design seeks to emphasize this. I found that even in a book we can find structure; the binding of a book is inherently rigid, however I focused my studies in structure by deforming the page of the book. I derived models by using techniques of tearing and adhering. These studies allowed me to experiment with form and apply program to its logical sections.

HORIZONTAL VS. VERTICAL is a methodology I derived from the studies of the book and the characteristics of tearing the pages up from a horizontal plane to a vertical plane. This thesis provided me with the asymmetrical design you see as a final proposal. By having the reading room and research be defined by the horizontal plane, while the stacks would be defined by the vertical plane.

Year: 2003
Semester: Fall
Class: Design
Professor: Erika Hinrichs
Size: 122,000 sf
Program: The second year design studio is intended to introduce the primary issues of “site” and “program.” The site is to be investigated as both a condition and as a specific context. The program will be researched as a concept as well as a utilitarian concern.


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